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Before registering (important information)

Declaring your work to APASER, having access and receiving your rights make you an administrator represented by the Alliance whether nationally or internationally.

Why to join us?

All the advantages that the authors will have by adhering to APASER.


If you are an APASER member, you will be able to receive the money from the collection that your works produce through public communication abroad. Thanks to the reciprocity agreements that we have signed with different collective management societies in the world, your rights for public communication will be collected in all the countries with which we have signed.


When you are an APASER member and you have your residence in Africa, you can opt for the Social Investment benefits that APASER has designed for its affiliates.


When you are an APASER member you ensure that your voice, as an author, is heard. APASER is a Collective Management Society that actively participates in the development of state policies that may affect your rights as an audiovisual writer and works to guarantee the exercise of those rights.


When you are an APASER member you strengthen the community of audiovisual writers, staying unionized within our territory makes us strong with respect to the decisions that the government and other organizations can make regarding our trade and our rights.


When you are an APASER member you know that you belong to a community that watches over the well-being of its authors and works transparently for their interests.




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