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APASER The Pan-African Alliance

of Screenwriters and Filmmakers

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What is a statement of work?

It is the act by which the author informs the Collective Management Society, regarding the works that he has written and have been publicly communicated. The declaration must be made online and the necessary data must be entered in it so that the APASER can carry out the collection that corresponds to the work. APASER depends on this information to carry out the collection and distribution at a national and international level.

Who is responsible for declaring the works?

It is the author's duty to DECLARATE ALL his works and/or update his declarations with new works that he has written and have been publicly communicated, as well as the percentages that have been agreed for the distribution of copyright among the co-authors.

How are the works declared?

The declaration of works is done online at this LINK
These online forms meet the international standards applied by various collecting societies, which also represent audiovisual writers.

When is a declaration of work considered complete?

The declaration of work will be complete when it contains all the information requested, including 100% of the participation percentage. If this percentage is incomplete, the distribution cannot proceed.

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