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Terms and Conditions



APASER Website fulfills the main purpose of providing information about the activities and services that PASER complies with and provides by law as a collective management society both for its partners, members, affiliates and managed holders as well as for the users of the works that are part of the repertoire of works managed by APASER.


  • Conditions of use of the APASER website:

These terms and conditions regulate the way in which the information published on the APASER website should be used for anyone who accesses, consults and registers through the website, acts that constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions of use.


  • Unauthorized conduct when using the APASER Website:

Any person who accesses the APASER website must refrain from engaging in the following conduct:


a) Defame, slander or insult people.

b) Denigrate products or services produced or provided by APASER or by other companies or entities.

c) Disseminate computer viruses through email that damage computer programs or affect content, media or systems.

d) Violate the technological protection measures of the page

e) Upload or in any other way upload content of any kind to the website that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties.

f) Uploading or disseminating pornographic content or content that promotes xenophobia and/or associating content from this website with information related to pornography, human trafficking, racist or xenophobic content or information, or that promotes drug trafficking, weapons, or terrorism.

g) Disclose or publish their passwords or other access information to other people voluntarily or involuntarily.

h) Use contents of this website for commercial purposes.

I) Separate the images included in the pages of this web page from the text.

j) Make unauthorized use of the contents of this website, except in cases where legal or contractual exceptions apply.

k) Failure to comply with the technical requirements or specifications established for the proper use and access to this web page.


  • Suspension of the operation of the website


The operation of this web page is supported by servers belonging to APASER or companies that provide services to APASER, connected by means of public and private communications infrastructures. Access to this web page can be suspended for technical reasons or for reasons of force majeure, which, if they occur, exonerate APASER from all types of liability derived from them.



  • Subscription and cancellation of user access to this web page


Users who sign up to this website do so freely. Those who register and consult this web page must do so in accordance with the conditions established in this document. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions empowers APASER to cancel the access of registered users to the website


  • Intellectual property


The contents included in this web page are owned by APASER or licensed by third parties to the latter.

By accessing this web page, the user acquires a right to use the contents of the page within a domestic environment, while using the page, and solely for the purpose of enjoying the services provided by APASER through the website and access the information published there.

In no way, unless expressly stated otherwise, the access, navigation or use of the website or its contents confers on the user any right over distinctive signs included in it. All intellectual and industrial property rights on the contents of the website are reserved and, in particular, it is prohibited to modify, copy, reproduce, publicly communicate, transform or distribute, by any means and in any form, all or part of the contents included therein, for public or commercial purposes, if there is no prior, express and written authorization from APASER or the holder of the corresponding rights.

The user agrees not to use the website for illegal or prohibited purposes. The services and products offered, or any information provided through the website may not be used for commercial or advertising purposes without prior written authorization from APASER.


  • Validity of these terms and conditions


These terms and conditions come into force from the date of their publication on the APASER website.

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