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Object and assignments

APASER is a collective management society which brings together the authors of literary works such as scenarios, theater pieces, stand up humor, etc.… publicly exploited, performed and incorporated into audiovisual, theatrical, radio or television works, social networks, internet platforms…


APASER will have the following rights and object 
(article 4 of the statute)

Agent for the defense

APASER will be considered as their agent for the defense and administration, in the legally established conditions, of the rights to remuneration granted to the authors of audiovisual works by law No. 94-036, relating to the literary and artistic property. 

Defense and Administration

APASER may also, by means of a management mandate granted by the affiliates to the Society, take charge of the defense and the administration of other exclusive rights that correspond to its affiliates on the managed works.

Independently and Free

The defense, exercise, management and/or administration will be carried out by the Society independently and free from influence, and include all activities for the effectiveness of the above. 

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