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APASER is the Pan-African Alliance of Screenwriters and Filmmakers. This international collaboration between Writers & Directors Worldwide, CISAC and the Pan-African Federation of Filmmakers exists to protect and promote the rights of audiovisual creators in Africa.

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As local audiences and international interest continue to grow the audiovisual sector in this region, the pressure on the industry to erode these essential rights increases exponentially. Similarly, with international borders now less relevant to the production and distribution of audiovisual works, independent creators need to equitably negotiate with ever-more powerful digital intermediaries. The enforcement of a legal framework that protects their position and enables them to negotiate a share in the future success of their work is a vital constituent of a sustainable audiovisual economy for Africa.



audiovisual sector

is a significant contributor to the national economies of countries where works are created and shown. From the direct employment of a film production to the stimulation of growth around cinemas and television companies, the screenwriter and director are at the heart of this economy. Of equal importance is the cultural benefit that their work brings. Today, African filmmaking is reaching new audiences all over the world with Nigeria‘s “Nollywood” alone producing more than 2000 films per year

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