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Our sacred Author´s Rights in the Brasilia Film Festival

Gathering around 500 directors, with 1,750 registered works, which represents the most consistent artistic and cultural GDP in Brazil, DBCA (Directors Brazil), a pioneer society in the defense of Authors’ Rights in the country, and the recent 53° Brazilian Film Festival in Brasilia (held between December 15th and 20th), historical moral and political trench of our cinema, reinforced in this edition, now closed, their mutual and live solidarity through the exchange of experiences on Collective Management Organizations (CMOs).

From left to right Sylvio Back- DBCA President. Marcilio Moraes-GEDAR President. Ricardo Pinto e Silva- DBCA General Secretary. Eduardo Ribeiro Augusto- Siqueira Castro Legal Advisor. Hamsa Wood-DBCA Director of Communications. Miguel Angel Diani- Argentores President

An enviable solidarity that, despite the horrible pandemic that plagues everyone, confirms the great support for our vigorous audiovisual creative economy: the Brasilia Festival is already part of DBCA’s DNA, from its foundation almost six years ago to the present.

With an open agenda directly linked to Author´s Rights of CMOs, whether national, such as DBCA ( Directors Brazil) and GEDAR ( Screenwriters Brazil), or Latin American, the speakers addressed everything from the regulatory issue of streaming to agreements with users and on the undeniable legitimacy of collecting Author´s rights as long as a work has public enjoyment

Creators United

Specially invited by the management of the Brasilia Festival, Brazilian and Latin American leaders took turns in the reports, showing the existence of a strong empathy within the audiovisual community on the continent, from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Cuba, to Mexico, all united by the mantra that Authors’ Rights is non-transferable, irrevocable and inalienable.

The diversity of perceptions that converged on the inescapable need for remuneration of the Authors’ Rights for the pubished works, brought together from the President of DASC- Directors Colombia, Mr. Mario Mitrotti, to the President of ARGENTORES- Argentinian Screenwriters and Playwrights – Mr. Miguel Angel Diani, both members of the Executive Committee of FESAAL (Latin American Audiovisual Authors Societies Federation). The festival also brought together from DBCA to Mr. Sylvio Back, President; Mr. Ricardo Pinto e Silva, General Secretary and Mr. Hamsa Wood, Director of Communications. From the side of Screenwriters of GEDAR, has participated Mr. Marcílio Moraes;President, and Ms Sylvia Palma, General Secretary, Dr. Eduardo Ribeiro Augusto, Siqueira Castro’s Legal Advisor, also said present, clarifying the legal parameters that protect creators, highlighting the relevance of collecting Authors’ Rights as the main financial input, shared by all, to strengthen the creative economy of acountry.


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