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Progress towards the creation of the first Audiovisual Authors International Confederation

The creation of the Audiovisual Authors International Confederation, which has been announced all over the world and approved by the general assembly of the Latin American Audiovisual Authors Societies Federation (FESAAL), continues to come closer to becoming a reality.

Likewise, dialogues and regional consensus among various countries in different continents (Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America), are moving forward. Moreover, technical teams of lawyers from societies in each region continue to draft statutes for the founding of this important international alliance of authors that will give birth to the confederation.

The Audiovisual Authors International Confederation will see its creation enhanced by important operative systems that will be offered at no cost to member countries and will provide advanced tools for the identification of audiovisual authors and their work.

If the situation with the COVID 19 pandemic permits, it may be possible to launch this platform internationally in April or May of 2021. If so, there will be an International Congress of Audiovisual Authors which will reflect the support of authors from different and diverse countries of the five continents mentioned above. Their participation will serve as a strong show of support for the organization and signing of the Audiovisual Authors International Confederation.


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